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Sponge Aquarium Filters

The sponge filter has no moving parts making it easy to use and affordable in price. All brands work on the same principle; water passes through the sponge where it is cleaned both mechanically and biologically. This is achieved buy running air into the uplift which in turn sucks water into the sponge.

When To Use A Sponge Filter

If you are into breeding fish you have no doubt have heard of this type of filter before. The benefits of using a sponge filter with baby fish are twofold. Firstly they become a banquet of microbes when mature which are perfect first foods for many fish. Secondly they cannot trap tiny fry as the suction i spread over the entire sponge surface.

Sponge Aquarium Filter For Sale

The following are sponge aquarium filters for sale are on eBay.

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